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Chinese Conversation of the Day

Check, please - restaurant / paying the check
  • Jerry
    • 服务员,买单。
    • Waitress. Check, please.
  • Waitress
    • 稍等。一共一百二十五元。
    • One second, please. That will be 125 yuan.
  • Jerry
    • 能刷信用卡吗?
    • Do you take credit cards?
  • Waitress
    • 能。
    • Yes.

Learn Chinese Characters

  • chǎng
  • a large place used for a particular purpose; a place where people gather
examples starting with 场



拼 means to put pieces together to complete something.

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, 出售 and
shòu, chūshòu and mài

The three words all mean “to sell”, 卖 is…

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