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Chinese Conversation of the Day

Sunglasses - glasses store / sunglasses
  • Clerk
    • 看一下我们各款精选太阳镜吧。
    • Please have a look at our selection of sunglasses.
  • Ann
    • 我觉得这副茶色的不错。
    • I think these brown ones are great.
  • Clerk
    • 茶色眼镜可以很好地保护您的眼睛。
    • Brown-tinted glasses offer great protection from the sun.
  • Ann
    • 这副多少钱?
    • How much is this pair?

Learn Chinese Characters

  • wèi
  • in the interest of; for
examples starting with 为



逃 means to run away or to escape. It also means to dodge or to evade, e.g. 逃债.

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姑娘 vs. 女孩子
gūniang vs. nǚháizi

Both words mean girl. 姑娘 can be used as a form of address, but 女孩子 cannot.
(1) 不要说的那么严重,毕竟她只是一个姑娘女孩子)。
(2) 姑娘,你的手帕掉了。
(3) 这里的姑娘女孩子)穿得很漂亮。

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