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Chinese Conversation of the Day

She looks so young - campus / friendship
  • Meimei
    • 她是谁?
    • Who's that woman?
  • Li Mei
    • 她吗?是我的老师。
    • Oh, her? She's my teacher.
  • Meimei
    • 什么?老师?看起来好年轻啊。
    • What? Teacher?? But she looks so young.
  • Li Mei
    • 嗯,今年刚毕业。
    • Well, she did just graduate this year.

Learn Chinese Characters

  • song; tune; melody
examples starting with 曲



涮 means to wash off the residue in a vessel by shaking it with water inside. It also means to wash something roughly.

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气愤, 生气 and 发火
qìfèn, shēngqì and fāhuǒ

气愤 is an adjective while 生气 and 发火 are verb-object phrases. All three indicate indignation. 气愤 and 生气 may not be outwardly expressed, but 发火 is usually revealed.

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