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We have 1533 fully bilingual conversations with pinyin
A picture dictionary based on related groups of words

We have 3212 Theme Words, organized into 127 groups
Additional information about words in the nciku dictionary

We have 562 dictionary notes for Chinese and English entries
Short videos to explain the differences between similar Chinese words

We have video notes for 150 Chinese words
Take a test or browse flashcards to see how well you know Chinese words

We have 5 different types of test, based on the HSK vocab lists and nciku Theme Words
Quick and entertaining Chinese quizzes from the nciku blog - how well can you do?

We're constantly adding new quizzes - check back often to see what's new
Browse through a list of Chinese characters with stroke order animations, sorted by HSK level

Characters have stroke order, pinyin, meanings, common words and more
Bilingual books with pinyin, to help you practice your Chinese reading skills

We have a variety of books to choose from at different levels
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