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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

after [ˈɑːftər]
  1. 1. adverb (指时间上)之后以后后来
    After I ate that heavy meal, I became very sleepy.
  2. 2. adverb (指位置上)在后面,在后方
    It's after the fifth book on the shelf, you will see it.
    And Jill came tumbling after.
  3. 3. preposition (指时间上)在……之后,在……以后
  4. 4. preposition (指位置上)在……后面,在……之后
  5. 5. preposition 鉴于由于
  6. 6. preposition 寻找追寻追随
  7. 7. preposition 尽管虽然
  8. 8. preposition 亚于次于低于
  9. 9. preposition 仿照模仿效仿
  10. 10. preposition (为了纪念而)以……命名
  11. 11. preposition 关于涉及
  12. 12. adjective 以后的,随后的,后来
    During this time all on board kept aft, as the after part of the ship still continued to be safe.
  13. 13. conjunction 在……以后

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (1 result)

after [ˈæftər]
  1. 1. adverb, conjunction, preposition at a later time
  2. 2. adverb, conjunction, preposition at a later position in a list or piece of writing
  3. 3. adverb, conjunction, preposition farther along a road, railroad, etc.
  4. 4. adverb, conjunction, preposition when someone leaves or has left
  5. 5. adverb, conjunction, preposition considering what happened in the past
  6. 6. adverb, conjunction, preposition trying to catch or get someone/something
  7. 7. adverb, conjunction, preposition if you name a person or thing after someone, you give them the same name

Example Search

She must have got into his head after after all.
About a month after meeting Jayne, I drove her home after a party. [Source: Web Examples ]
Three years later, after filling laboratory books with page after page of failed experiments, Baekeland finally developed a material that he dubbed in his notebooks ' Bakelite'. [Source: Web Examples ]
Japan's Nippon has even invoked the supernatural by naming one boat after an Indian god of war - and another after a god of speed. [Source: Web Examples ]
one day after another=day after day [Source: nciku_tw ]
More than twenty years after it introduced its one-child policy, China is keeping its promise, allowing only-children who marry each other to have a second child.
After a 2km swim, we felt tired.
She takes after her mother.
He's always been difficult, he takes after his father.

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