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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

brother [ˈbrʌðər]
  1. 1. noun[c] 兄弟
    His one younger brother works in the furniture business.
    My brother still lives with our parents.
  2. 2. [Brother] noun [Person Name] 布拉泽
  3. 3. [Brother] noun[c] 教友(对修道院里僧侣的一种称呼)
    Brother John has been with the monastery for 33 years.
    约翰哥哥修道院已经有 33 个年头的了。
  4. 4. noun[c] 伙伴同胞(如教友,会友等)
    I met and prayed there with wonderful new friends, real Christian brothers and sisters.
    None of his brothers would betray him.
  5. 5. noun[c] [Slang] 朋友兄弟哥们儿
  6. 6. noun[c] 同仁同行同业
    Hey brother, how are you today?
  7. 7. interjection [Slang] 嘿,天哪(用来表示失望、厌恶、恼怒或惊奇)

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (2 results)

brother [ˈbrʌðər]
  1. 1. noun a boy or man who has the same parents as you
  2. 2. noun used for talking in a friendly way to a man
  3. 3. noun a man who is connected to you in some way and who you have feelings of friendship toward
  4. 4. noun a man who is a member of a religious group, especially a monk
  5. 5. noun used by men who belong to a labor union for talking to or referring to other men who are members
brother [ˈbrʌðər]
  1. 1. interjection used for showing that you are surprised or annoyed

Example Search

He took it upon himself to save his brother.
Clarence's brother has always been very politically active.
My brother is a minister at the Church of Saint Peter in Mexico.
Her actions always mirror those of her brother.
She is always imagining that she will meet her brother who died during the war.
My brother is in dire need of a good lawyer.
My nephew looks just like my brother.
He socked his brother many times.
He is dependent on his old brother for support.
Would you like to meet my brother?

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