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  • [ɪgˈzemplɪfaɪ]
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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary

exemplify [ɪgˈzemplɪfaɪ]
  1. 1. vt. 是……的典型作为……的代表
    This unfortunate man exemplifies many of the problems of mentally disordered offenders.
  2. 2. vt. 例证举例说明
    The housing policy exemplifies the shift from collective to individualized welfare provision.

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (1 result)

exemplify [ɪɡˈzemplɪˌfaɪ]
  1. 1. verb to be a typical example of something

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The physicist pushed the two cups together until they touched to exemplify his theory.

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