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  • [gɪv]

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  • Conjugation : past simple  gave ; past perfect  given ; present continuous  giving
  • Derivatives : noun  giver ; adjective  givable
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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

give [gɪv]
  1. 1. vt. 使拥有,使得
  2. 2. vt. 提供,使产生
  3. 3. vt. 给,给予
    Can you give me lessons?
  4. 4. vt. 说出,透露
  5. 5. vt. 传达转达
  6. 6. vt. 组织负责举行
  7. 7. vt. 做(动作)来传达
  8. 8. vt. 赠送赠与,给……送礼
    What will you give her for her birthday?
  9. 9. vt. 产生带来
  10. 10. vt. 投入付出
  11. 11. vt. 生产产出提供
  12. 12. vt. 传授,教
  13. 13. vt. 造成带来建立
  14. 14. vt. 托付
    Can I give you the children for the weekend?
    Can I give you my keys while I go in the pool?
  15. 15. vt. 发出声音
  16. 16. vt. 牺牲奉献
  17. 17. vt. 递给,传给,交给
  18. 18. vt. 献出,贡献……给
  19. 19. vt. 给……服(药),用(药
  20. 20. vt. 对……施以(指肉体上的,如殴打等)
  21. 21. vt. 给予(敬意,谢意等)
  22. 22. verb 给予授予颁发(学位等)
  23. 23. vt. 为……挪开,移开而给……让出空间,给……让位
  24. 24. vt. 喂养,给……食物
    Don't give the child this tough meat.
  25. 25. vi. 捐助
  26. 26. vi. (既指字面义的,又可指比喻意义的)坍塌崩溃
  27. 27. vt. 估计估算
  28. 28. vt. 执行履行
  29. 29. vt. 报偿抵偿
    I'll give you three books for four cds.
  30. 30. vi. 通往,可通行到
    The French doors give onto a terrace.
  31. 31. vt. 使……可被看到,使可见
  32. 32. vt. 表演演出
  33. 33. vi. 弹性,可发生弹性形变
    This material doesn't give.
  34. 34. vt. 祝(酒),举杯祝贺
  35. 35. vt. 判决
  36. 36. vt. 展示显示展现
    This student gives promise of real creativity.
  37. 37. vt. 真心实意地给出
  38. 38. verb 提出主张
  39. 39. vt. 引导说服
  40. 40. vt. 允许有,准许享有
    I give you two minutes to respond.
  41. 41. vt. 罚,对……进行惩罚
  42. 42. vi. 发生
    What gives?
  43. 43. vt. 愿与……性交
  44. 44. vt. 向……伸出(身体某部分,如手)
  45. 45. noun[u] 弹性弹力

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (2 results)

give [ɡɪv]
  1. 1. verb to put something in someone’s hand, or to pass something to someone
  2. 2. verb to make someone the owner of something that you owned
  3. 3. verb to put medicine into someone’s body using a particular method
  4. 4. verb to cause a general result or effect
  5. 5. verb to show or communicate information
  6. 6. verb to perform an action to someone or something
  7. 7. verb to perform a particular action
  8. 8. verb to allow someone to take action
  9. 9. verb to pass an illness or disease to another person
  10. 10. verb to pay money for something
  11. 11. verb if something gives, it stretches, bends, or moves
  12. 12. verb if someone gives, they agree to change a decision, opinion, or intention
  13. 13. verb if you give yourself to something, you use all your time and energy to do it
give [ɡɪv]
  1. 1. noun the tendency to bend or stretch

Example Search

You give me your shoulder to cry on and I'll give you my helping hands.
Virtual landlords like GeoCities and Homestead are more than happy to give you a free web page because the site becomes a billboard they can sell to advertisers, which in turn, give you a cut. [Source: Web Examples ]
Give this to him. =Give him this [Source: nciku_tw ]
As for me, give me liberty or give me death. [Source: nciku_tw ]
对於我来说, 不自由, 毋宁死.
Give me some scotch. [Source: nciku_tw ]
give credence to rumors
Somebody called but they didn't give their name.
Open the till and give me money!
I gave him the CD you told me to give him, but he didn't accept it.
Can you give me a piece of advice, I'm in trouble.

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