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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

hear [hɪər]
  1. 1. verb 听到听见
    He didn't even stop or turn his head to look at me; I don't think he heard me.
  2. 2. vt. 获知得知听说
    I hear you're thinking of retiring.
  3. 3. vt. [Law] 听证审理
    A New York grand jury will hear the case next week.
    The jury had heard all the evidence.
  4. 4. vt. 听到某人消息,与某人取得联系
    I would be very pleased to hear from anyone with information about her whereabouts.
    We heard nothing from our son for five years.
  5. 5. vt. 认真听,倾听聆听
    I've got some amazing new music I'd like you to hear.
    We must hear the expert before we make a decision.

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (1 result)

hear [hɪr]
  1. 1. verb to realize that someone or something is making a sound
  2. 2. verb to receive information about something
  3. 3. verb to listen to someone who is speaking about a particular thing
  4. 4. verb to notice that someone is affected by a particular feeling from the way that they are speaking
  5. 5. verb used for talking about the things that people say
  6. 6. verb if a court case is heard, it is dealt with by a court or judge

Example Search

I don't want to hear that kind of filth again, you hear me?
He was surprised to hear that his grandfather had died.
The news was sweet music to hear.
You should hear the talk!
Did you hear about this morning's road accident, 18 people were injured.
Please talk out aloud, I can't hear you from here.
It really angers me to hear you talking to her in that way.
All right, you didn't hear the mobile ringing, but why you didn't call me back when you saw that I had called you?
Go to sleep and I don't want to hear another single word.

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