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  • inflection : plural  jellies
  • Conjugation : past simple  jellied ; present continuous  jellying
  • Derivatives : adjective  jellylike
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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

jelly [ˈʤelɪ]
  1. 1. noun[u] 果冻
  2. 2. noun[u] 果酱
  3. 3. noun[u] 胶状物
  4. 4. vt. 使成胶状

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (1 result)

jelly [ˈdʒeli]
  1. 1. noun a sweet sticky food that is made from boiled fruit juice and sugar and is often spread on bread
  2. 2. noun a sauce that is made with meat juice and is made solid by adding gelatin
  3. 3. noun a soft sticky substance
  4. 4. noun jell-o

Example Search

These flowers often mature into rounded green or yellow quinces which can make a delicious jelly.
Once the jelly is set add another layer of fruit.
He hesitated between a red jelly and a yellow one.
The jelly will melt in the wine after a few minutes.
Crabapples make a tangy jelly.
pommel to a jelly [Source: nciku_tw ]
I like to eat the delicious sheet jelly made in that noodle factory.
Royal jelly is rich in nutritious substances and is good for one's health.
Jelly is one of a child's favorite snacks.
Jam, and jelly both contain pectin.

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