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  • [laɪ]
  • Conjugation : past simple  lay ; past simple  lied ; past perfect  lied ; past perfect  lain ; present continuous  lying
  • Derivatives : noun  liar
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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

lie [laɪ]
  1. 1. vi. 位于处于
  2. 2. vi. 平躺,平卧
  3. 3. vi. 在于源于
  4. 4. vi. 处于某种状态
  5. 5. verb 说谎欺骗
    Don't lie to your parents.
    She lied when she told me she was only 29.
  6. 6. vi. 有……关系
    The fate of Bosnia lies in the hands of the West.
  7. 7. vi. 躺下
  8. 8. vi. 物体平放
  9. 9. vi. 延伸伸展展现
  10. 10. vi. 埋葬
  11. 11. vi. [Law] 受理立案
  12. 12. [Lie] noun [People] Trygve Lie 特里格夫·赖伊(1896-1968),挪威政治家,曾任联合国第一任秘书长
  13. 13. noun[c] 谎言谎话
  14. 14. [Lie] noun [People] Jonas Lie 约纳士·李(1880-1940),美国画家
  15. 15. noun[c] 位置状态
  16. 16. noun 假象造成错觉的事物

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (2 results)

lie [laɪ]
  1. 1. verb to be in a position in which your body is flat on a surface such as the floor or a bed
  2. 2. verb to be on a particular surface or in a particular place
  3. 3. verb to be in a particular position in a competition
  4. 4. verb used for talking about things such as plans, ideas, and qualities and what they consist of
  5. 5. verb if something lies in a particular state, it is in that state
  6. 6. verb if your interest lies in a particular subject, you are interested in it
  7. 7. verb to deliberately say something that is not true
lie [laɪ]
  1. 1. noun something that you say or write that is not true and that you know is not true

Example Search

I'm so tired. All I'm dreaming of is a bed I can lie across.
During the spring, I love to lie on the grass.
Women often lie about their age.
The kid told a lie when he said he didn't eat the cake.
She wasn't very convinced about the nice distinction between a lie and the untruth.
don't lie, both you and I ate that cake.
Please lie down and close your eyes.
That's a dirty lie and you know it!
to lie in ambush (for sb)
to be {or} lie face down/up
[person+] 俯卧/仰卧

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