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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

sister [ˈsɪstər]
  1. 1. noun[c] 姐,妹
    My sister married a musician.
  2. 2. [Sister] noun[c] [Catholicism] 修女
  3. 3. noun[c] (指属于同一个组织或社团的)女教友,女会友,女社友
    None of her sisters would betray her.
  4. 4. noun[c] [Slang] 年轻漂亮女人
  5. 5. noun [British English] 护士长
  6. 6. noun[c] 姑子姨子嫂子弟媳,姻兄或姻弟的妻子妯娌
  7. 7. noun[c] [Spoken] 女士小姐;娘们,婆娘(用以称呼女子)
  8. 8. adjective 类型的,极相似的姐妹般的

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (1 result)

sister [ˈsɪstər]
  1. 1. noun a daughter of your parents. A son of your parents is called your brother
  2. 2. noun a nun (=a woman who is a member of a religious community)
  3. 3. noun used by African-American women for talking to or referring to other African-American women
  4. 4. noun an organization or group that has close connections with another similar organization or group
  5. 5. noun used by women for referring to a woman who they have strong feelings of loyalty and friendship toward
  6. 6. noun a female nurse in charge of a hospital ward (=a room for people who are sick in a hospital)

Example Search

She talked her sister through the process a step at a time.
There is my sister!
She is very shy compared with her sister.
These are my parents and this one is my sister.
As with my mother did, my sister got married at the age of 19.
This is my baby sister Jane, she's 4 years old.
How old is your sister? She looks so young.
She is still my sister!
My sister started working as fashion model after moving to New York.
She stands out so much less than her sister, a shadow of someone much stronger.

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