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  • Conjugation : past simple  smiled ; present continuous  smiling
  • Derivatives : noun  smiler ; adverb  smilingly
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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

smile [smaɪl]
  1. 1. vt. 赞许青睐
  2. 2. vi. 笑,微笑
  3. 3. vt. 用微笑表示
    She smiled her thanks.
  4. 4. noun[c] 微笑笑容

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (2 results)

smile [smaɪl]
  1. 1. verb to raise the corners of your mouth when you are happy, pleased, or being friendly, or when you think something is funny
  2. 2. verb if something such as luck or heaven smiles on you, you are successful, or you have good luck
  3. 3. verb to think that something is funny or pleasant
smile [smaɪl]
  1. 1. noun an expression on your face in which you raise the corners of your mouth because you are happy, pleased, or being friendly, or because you think something is funny

Example Search

His face was lighted by a smile.=A smile lit up his face. [Source: nciku_tw ]
他笑容可掬, 喜气洋洋.
smile a cynical smile [Source: nciku_tw ]
I wish she'd smile at me like that.
You'll likely be rewarded with a pleasant smile and a friendly hello.
Her new job must suit her nicely with that big smile on her face.
He gave us a wooden smile.
He has the smile of his father.
He smiled to her and she returned the smile.
As the saying runs, a smile prolongs life.
She always has a smile on her face.

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