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son of a bitch

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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary

son of a bitch
  1. 1. noun [Slang] 卑劣的人,通常指男性(粗鲁及带挑衅性;也作侮辱性称谓;缩写成SOB)
  2. 2. noun [Slang] 老朋友用于男性亲密朋友之间
  3. 3. exclam [Slang] 他妈的
  4. 4. noun 王八蛋,对某人气愤或要侮辱某人可以这样称呼

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (2 results)

son of a bitch
  1. 1. noun an insulting word for someone who you are angry with
son of a bitch
  1. 1. interjection used for showing that you are annoyed
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