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  • Conjugation : past simple  winded ; past simple  winder ; past simple  wound ; present continuous  winding
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Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

wind [wɪnd]
  1. 1. noun[c/u]
    Trees bent under the fierce winds.
  2. 2. noun[c] 趋势潮流
  3. 3. noun[u] 气息呼吸
    The collision knocked the wind out of him.
  4. 4. noun[u] [Spoken] [Derogatory] 空谈废话
    That's a lot of wind.
  5. 5. noun[u] 风闻消息
  6. 6. noun[c] [Music] [Plural] 管乐器
  7. 7. noun[u] 肠气,屁
  8. 8. noun[c] 转动,拧
    He put the key in the old clock and gave it a good wind.
  9. 9. noun[c] [Plural] 管乐器演奏者
  10. 10. noun[u] (指风吹来的)气味臭迹
  11. 11. verb (使)迂回前行,(使)蜿蜒行进
    The river winds through the hills.
  12. 12. vt. 盘旋盘绕
    The road winds around the lake.
  13. 13. vt. 卷绕环绕
  14. 14. vt. 嗅出,闻到
  15. 15. vt. 给……上发条
  16. 16. vt. 缠绕,使成环形
  17. 17. vt. 吊起,拉上
  18. 18. vt. 使转动,使旋转
  19. 19. vt. 使气急,使呼吸急促

Macmillan Dictionary - Simpler Definitions (4 results)

wind [wɪnd]
  1. 1. noun a natural current of air that moves fast enough for you to feel it
  2. 2. noun the air in your lungs
  3. 3. noun gas produced in your stomach that makes you feel uncomfortable
  4. 4. noun conversation or talk that has no meaning
wind [wɪnd]
  1. 1. verb to hit someone in the stomach and cause them to have difficulty breathing
  2. 2. verb to a baby
wind [waɪnd]
  1. 1. verb to wrap or twist something around itself or around something else
  2. 2. verb to follow a course or path that curves or twists a lot
  3. 3. verb to make a cassette tape or videotape move forward or backward in a machine
  4. 4. verb if you wind or wind up a watch or a clock, you make it operate by turning a part of it around and around
wind [waɪnd]
  1. 1. noun a curve or bend in something
  2. 2. noun the action of turning a part of a clock or a watch to make it operate

Example Search

Wind driven generators are economical where wind velocities average 6 m/s or more.
The horse ran like the wind.
Her speech is mere wind.
We'll never get to the bank if we keep sailing against the wind.
As I was smoking near the window, the wind blew away all the ash around the room.
The smell of the coffee was borne into the house with the wind.
Please take that string and wind it into a ball.
Hoist the sails as the wind starts blowing.
Beijing's winter is characterized by bitter wind that constantly bites into your face.
I can feel the fresh wind blowing.

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