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一贯道 (一貫道)
  • [yīguàndào]
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Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

一贯道 [yīguàndào]
  1. 1. noun A reactionary religious sect that originated in Shandong Province. It was originally called "Dongzhen Hall", later it renamed itself "Consistent Road." It functioned as a spy agency for the Japanese during the Japanese occupation and after Japan's surrender it was controlled by the KMT. After liberation, it was officially banned by the government.

Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

一贯道 [yīɡuàndào]
  1. 1. 反动会道门,起源于山东,初名"东震堂",后改称"一贯道"。抗日战争期间投靠日本侵略者为其特务机关所利用;日本投降后,为国民党政府控制;解放后,人民政府明令取缔。

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This time the men were imported as work crews to construct the first transcontinental railroad. [Source: Web Examples ]

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