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Alternative pronunciations
  • [āi] mm; oh; expressing agreement or recognition; sound indicating response | mm

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Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary (1 result)

  1. 1. interjection sigh of sadness or regret
  2. 2. alas
  3. 3. interjection response to a call or an order
  4. 4. waly
  5. 5. waesuck
  6. 6. ochone
  7. 7. aak
  8. 8. whoosh
  9. 9. ay
  10. 10. ho hum
  11. 11. funny face

Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

  1. 1. 表示伤感、失望
  2. 2. 表示惋惜、懊悔
  3. 3. 表示应答或认可

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Oops! I forgot my wallet.
Well, you look just like before, despite all the years that have past.
Oh, we overestimated his capability of handling things.

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