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老面 (老麵)
  • [lǎomiàn]
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Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

老面 [lǎomiàn]
  1. 1. noun Fermented dough that is full of living yeasts. It can be used as microbial strain in making new dough.
    There is a lump of leavening dough in the refrigerator. Take it out and add fresh dough to it.

Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

老面 [lǎomiàn]
  1. 1. 发酵过的、含有活酵母菌的面团。可和于新面团中作菌种。

Example Search

Many of you are old faces to me. Welcome back to my lecture.
He is very obedient in front of his teacher.
His mother-in-law doesn't like him, and always criticizes him in front of his wife.
She always takes a false attitude before the general manager, making others feel that she has other intentions.
You don't have to put on airs in front of your old classmates.
Xiaoming has won the championship, earning great a honor for his parents in front of all the villagers.
Though the Huqin is very old, its strings still look new.
“I swear I did not cheat.” Xiaoming keeps voicing grievances facing the teachers’ interrogation.
When two old men meet each other, they will greet each other by dagong (cupping one hand in the other before the chest to show respect).

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行程 [xíngchē]

  • a vehicle
  • 2.line; row; rank | trade; …
  • 3.go; walk; travel; cover
  • 4.go; walk; travel; cover
  • a vehicle


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