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胡服骑射 (胡服騎射)
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Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

胡服骑射 [húfúqíshè]
  1. 1. During the Warring States Period, Wuling King of Zhao State advocated dressing in clothes of northern ethnic groups and taught people to ride horses and shoot arrows, therefore training a powerful cavalry troop. It is called 胡服骑射 in Chinese history. Now this classical allusion is cited to express that one should learn from the strengths of others.

Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

胡服骑射 [húfúqíshè]
  1. 1. 战国时,赵国的武灵王提倡穿西北方民族的服装,教百姓骑马射箭,从而为赵国训练了一支强大的骑兵队伍,史称胡服骑射。现常用这个典故说明要善于学习外部或别人长处的道理。

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行程 [xíngchē]

  • a vehicle
  • 2.line; row; rank | trade; …
  • 3.go; walk; travel; cover
  • 4.go; walk; travel; cover
  • a vehicle



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