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Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

臭豆腐 [chòudòufu]
  1. 1. strong-smelling preserved bean curd

Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

臭豆腐 [chòudòufu]
  1. 1. 一种佐餐的食品,用小块豆腐作坯,经过发酵、腌制而成,具有特殊的气味。

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The regulation regarding the sale of stinky tofu was repealed after tofu sellers gave all the board members a taste of their delicious stinky tofu.

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行程 [xíngchē]

  • a vehicle
  • 2.line; row; rank | trade; …
  • 3.go; walk; travel; cover
  • 4.go; walk; travel; cover
  • a vehicle


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