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  • [jīnguā]
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Comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary

金瓜 [jīnguā]
  1. 1. noun A kind of squash. It is flat round in shape. It turns golden yellow when mature.
    I will have steamed spareribs cooked with pumpkin for lunch.
  2. 2. noun An ancient weapon with one pole shaped like a squash and with a golden color. It is used as a crutch now.
    The general beat the man to death with a hammer.

Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result)

金瓜 [jīnguā]
  1. 1. 南瓜的一种,扁圆形,成熟时表皮多呈金黄色。
  2. 2. 古代兵器,棒端呈瓜状,金黄色。后常用为仪仗。

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The general beat the man to death with a hammer.
During the golden autumn, the pleasant smell of fruit is spreading everywhere.
They split up the reward money.
Jimmy's prize melon was raffled to raise money for charity.

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行程 [xíngchē]

  • a vehicle
  • 2.line; row; rank | trade; …
  • 3.go; walk; travel; cover
  • 4.go; walk; travel; cover
  • a vehicle


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